• Christopher Columbus, Mariner

    A review of the book "Christopher Columbus, Mariner" by Samuel Morison.

    This paper examines how Samuel Morison turns a personal life interest into a passion as he studies the life and journeys of Christopher Columbus in his book "Christopher Columbus, Mariner". It shows that while the modern view of Columbus has been rewritten and disfigured by multi-culturalists into that of a greedy, slave mongering tyrannical despot, Christopher Columbus' journey and his exploits arose from his deep convictions and how these actions qualify him as one of the greatest explorers of all time.

    His lack of actual empirical knowledge of the length of the journey, and not knowing about essay writing worksheets the continent which lay between Columbus and the Far East is one more of the factors which make his journey such a triumph of spirit and dedication to his chosen task. After long negotiations, Columbus was financed for his voyage by Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, and in the fall of 1492, three ships were prepared in the harbor the best essay about myself Palos (p. 35). On August 3, 1492, the fleet left Palos heading westward, parallel of Gomera. The weather was good; like April in Andalusia," as Columbus wrote in his diary."

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